ALERT: County executive moves to close the Piney Branch ES pool

The county executive, Ike Leggett, has proposed defunding the Piney Branch Elementary School pool, in response to an unexpected financial crunch. The pool would be forced to close.

Please contact the Montgomery County Council. Ask members to retain funding for the pool in the county’s FY16 budget. Point out that the Piney Branch ES pool serves kids and adults throughout the community, many of whom come from disadvantaged backgrounds and don’t otherwise have nearby pool access for lessons and recreational swimming. A May 1, 2015 article, Piney Branch Pool in Danger of Closing, describes the pool’s local importance.

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Craig Rice <>
George Leventhal <>
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Marc Elrich <>
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Nancy Navarro <>
Tom Hucker <>
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From: “Leventhal’s Office, Councilmember” <>

As you may have heard, County Executive Leggett earlier today sent the County Council his proposed FY16 savings plan, including the proposed elimination of $145,000 to keep the Piney Branch Elementary School swimming pool open. The full savings plan is attached to this message.

I do not support eliminating the funds for the swimming pool. Although I am serving as Council President this year, I have no more influence on this matter than any other county councilmember, so it will be important to shore up the support of other members.

Here is the Washington Post’s article on the savings plan, in which I was quoted as follows, “The council acknowledges that we need to adopt a savings plan and we will do that. We are not obligated to agree with everything the executive sends over and we won’t.”

Council committees will discuss the savings plan next week and the plan will move quickly through the council before the end of this month.

Feel free to let me know if you have further questions.

Best regards,

George Leventhal

President, Montgomery County Council
Office phone: 240-777-7811

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  1. And not to forget, the same county council still has not given Takoma Park a paramedic — Co.2 is one of only seven firehouses in the county without a paramedic!

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