Takoma Junction developer presentations, video of the Sept 23 event, question form, and feedback invited

The City of Takoma Park has posted:

1) Video of the September 23 Takoma Junction development presentations.

2) The presentation slide decks.

3) A form for submission of questions for the four finalists.

City council discussions of the finalist proposals — and I guartantee that the TPSS Co-op’s proposal and alternative Takoma Junction possibilities will come up — are scheduled for Monday evenings, September 29, October 27, and November 24.

I would really, really welcome your views on the proposals as presented and also on the TPSS Co-op’s proposal. What do you think of the proposed:

– Uses of the site, that is, the business/community/residential mix in each proposal.

– For the buildings facing Ethan Allen/Carroll: the height, footprint, and neighborhood impact and compatibility.

– The uses of the wooded lot including, in some of the proposals, extension of the Ethan Allen/Carroll construction over or down the hillside.

– Attention to the TPSS Co-op’s current needs (including truck access) and desire to expand.

– Parking and pedestrian and bicyclist impact.

Do note that we expect the developers to modify their proposals in the course of discussions with the city and the community. They know that they have to work to accommodate the co-op. As a reminder: I posted last week on the Takoma Junction development process and the TPSS Co-op proposal.

Finally, I would like to know what criteria you would like to see the council, city staff, and community apply in evaluating options. Please let me know: sethg@takomaparkmd.gov, 301-873-8225.


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