My 2014 Primary Endorsements

The following are my endorsements for contested races the 2014 Democratic Primary election, which takes place June 24, with early voting running June 12-19. My picks are listed in the order that offices appear on the ballot.

Governor/Lt. Governor: Heather Mizeur and Delman Coates
Heather is the most progressive candidate in the race.

Attorney General: Brian E. Frosh
Frosh is highly qualified and reliable (qualities lacking in one of his opponents), with strong positions on matters such as marriage equality (an issue with the other opponent).

House of Delegates, Legislative District 20 (vote for up to 3): Sheila E. Hixson and David Moon **
Sheila is a progressive champion, and her leadership position in Annapolis is a real asset for D20. David is a consummate strategist, a strong progressive, and great communicator.

House of Delegates, Legislative District 19: Paul Bardack
I’ve known Paul for years. His competence and integrity are truly outstanding, and you won’t meet a nicer person.

County Executive: Ike Leggett
Ike is reliable and trustworthy and a champion for the county’s neediest residents.

County Council At Large (vote for up to 4): George Leventhal **
George is the most responsive representative I have ever worked with, and has devoted his years on the council to bringing healthcare and social services to lower and moderate income residents, including our county’s many immigrants.

County Council District 5: Evan Glass
Evan is a truly promising community leader, with local, Montgomery County leadership experience in affordable housing, environment, transit, and neighborhood building.

(For more on my at-large and D5 picks, see this link.)

Judge of the Circuit Court, Judicial Circuit 6: Gary E. Bair, Audrey A. Creighton, Nelson W. Rupp, Jr., Joan E. Ryon (the sitting judges)
These recommendations are actually Jamie Raskin’s. I trust no one’s judgment more than Jamie’s.

Clerk of the Circuit Court: Alan Bowser
Alan is a community activist with strong legal and governmental experience.

Sheriff: Darren Mark Popkin
An incumbent who deserves to keep his job.

Democratic Central Committee At Large (vote for up to 8): Chris Bradbury, Dave Kunes, Kevin Walling
Dave is a leader in local party politics, and the Bradbury and Walling seem promising.

Democratic Central Committee, Legislative District 20 (vote for up to 2): Edward Malcolm Kimmel, Jheanelle Wilkins
I have known Ed for years, and Jheanelle made a good pitch for my vote.

Board of Education, At Large: Jill Ortman-Fouse
Jill is incredibly engaged, on the side of treating schools individually rather than via cookie-cutter management.

** I have not made a 3rd endorsement for D20 delegate because I think 6 candidates, in addition to the 2 I’ve endorsed, are qualified: Chappell, Hopewell, Jawando, Shurberg, Smith, Unger. Given the nature of the county-council at-large race, I’m bullet-endorsing a preferred candidate here.

2 Replies to “My 2014 Primary Endorsements”

  1. Leventhal? He's been on the county council for more terms than I can remember. He lives in Takoma Park. All those years and Takoma Park still has double-taxation.

    Yet, in the Takoma Voice candidate profile, he only gives a weak statement, "We should reimburse municipalities for income and property taxes according to a single, fair formula that takes into account the county’s cost if it were to assume services now provided by municipalities."

    Hans Riemer, another Takoma Park resident who has been on the council for a much shorter period, gives a blow-by-blow accounting for what he's done or tried to do on the matter. And he makes a strong statement "I have worked hard on municipal tax issues during my term in office and I am committed to ensuring that no residents are double-taxed."

  2. Gilbert, thanks for your comment. Councilmember Leventhal's tax-duplication statement is more precise, and isn't all that far from the city's position. The crux of the tax-duplication issue is that the county council is looking to change the approach in ways disfavorable to the city. Councilmember Riemer has been supporting this alternative approach to this point, which would not end county tax duplication in the long run in my opinion. It would simply reduce the county's long-term liability.

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