Medical marijuana dispensary proposed for Takoma Junction

Park Avenue residents Tara and Chad Blaise have proposed opening a medical marijuana dispensary on Carroll Avenue in the Takoma Junction area. This initiative has prompted a city council discussion, this evening, whether the city wishes to provide guidance on locations where a dispensary would be appropriate to operate in Takoma Park, per the council backgrounder.

The council materials include a FAQ on dispensaries and a document, Maryland state proposed action on regulations.

Personally, I don’t have significant concerns about medical marijuana or this particular location for a dispensary, although I have heard from a few residents who do have concerns. I don’t believe I have been contacted by any Ward 1 residents, other than the applicants, hence this request for your comment. Please let me know what you think the city should do in response to this proposal, whether:

– nothing
– seek Montgomery County Zoning changes
– something else

I’m at and 301-873-8225. Write to the whole council, via the city clerk, at

I note that a Washington DC medical marijuana dispensary, the Takoma Wellness Center, has operated since August 2013, without any major incident that I know of, at a location close to the Takoma Metro station.

The dispensaries discussion is scheduled for 9:10 pm.

Follow-up, October 20:

At last night’s city council discussion, Stephanie & Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn, operators of the Takoma Wellness Center in Washington DC, attended and got lots of council questions about their operations. 

The city council discussed asking the county council to come up with guidelines, but we did not more forward with that idea. Instead, the city council agreed that city staff should research how dispensaries are handled in other jurisdictions and report back to the council. My guess is that the city council won’t pick up the topic again before January.

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