Positive vote on resolution to change the charter is reinstated

Last Monday’s positive City Council vote, 4-2-1, For a resolution to change the charter, is reinstated. The charter will now allow the council to create a residency requirement for the city manager and other executive staff and will now provide for an “advice” role for the council in the city manager’s hiring of department heads.

To explain —

The city attorney has found that a Motion to Reconsider an initial Monday evening vote was “improper and ineffective,” and that in any case, such a motion would not apply to a charter-change vote.

For my reporting on Monday evening’s council meeting, see “Council does not approve charter changes” (a carefully worded title). I wrote then, “City Attorney Sue Silber will check that reconsideration was proper. If it was, the rejection will stand.” But reconsideration was not proper so the first vote, Mayor Williams and Councilmembers Daniels-Cohen, Male, and Seamens voting For, Councilmembers Grimes and Schultz voting Against, and Councilmember Smith Abstain, stands.

I expect that the mayor will now schedule the ordinance, to create a city-manager residency requirement, for the next council meeting or the one following. I oppose creation of a residency requirement, a view also held by the vast majority of Takoma Park residents who have voiced an opinion, and I expect to vote Against this ordinance.

Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.

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